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Energy Costs


Are your utility bills too high? Air Conditioning and Heating can comprise almost 65% of your monthly utility costs.

New systems or simple maintenance can SAVE you up to 40% on what you are paying Now.

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Energy Tips

Summer is here and now it's not to late to seal up those cracks and save money on your air conditioning costs!

  • Seal around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and any other places that can be a source for an air leak.

  • On the outside of your home, use a high quality caulk to seal around all windows and doors where the frames meet exterior siding or brick.

  • There are probably many other areas of your exterior that may need to be caulked as well. If you have any loose glass panes in a window, use a glazing compound to reseal them.

  • Inside your home, use weather stripping and gaskets to seal around the moving parts of windows and doors and around electrical outlets.

  • If you take care of these air leaks now, you will be able to enjoy the summer in the cool comfort of your home.

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